As much as we love some classic Robert Frost, we aim to dig deeper than analyzing The Road Not Taken 50 times at school. 

Bluebird Poems is an organization founded in June 2023 by incoming sophomores at American High School, Anagha Sainath and Richa Mungara.

We strive to go beyond the surface-level teaching of poetry at schools. As Bay Area students who have experienced the education system’s lack of understanding of poetry firsthand, we hope to show how diverse and beautiful poetry is as an art form. There is so much more to poetry than simply rhyming words or counting syllables. With budget cuts happening in schools across the district, arts programs are unfortunately often the first to go. With our lesson plans, help us keep poetry alive while staying true to its authentic roots.

Our Mission

To bring a sense of community among those who are yearning to unleash their poet's voice